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There's nothing like a custom mirror to personalize your dining room add some dazzle to your living room, or romance your bedroom. And affordable custom mirrors are easily found online.

A tour through one of those glorious antique stores with all the hand crafted mirrors from an era so long ago will quickly reveal just how expensive a handcrafted mirror can be. But not to worry custom mirrors don't have to blow your budget if you shop wisely.

There's something magical about a mirror in a room. Small areas suddenly look larger, large rooms can become dramatic, or you can create a mood by redirecting the flicker of the candle light or the flicker of the fireplace. Strategically place your mirrors to capture a beautiful outdoor scene and share it from various angles within the room.

Of course there are all kinds of ready made mirrors on the market. Just pick, click, pay, and wait for delivery. But a custom mirror adds just that little extra personality. After all what's more personal than a mirror where you've chosen the exact size, the perfect finish, or that exact shape.

Choose from a rich wood finish - oak or maple perhaps; consider natural burls or wood veneers. Perhaps a silver metal leaf or antiqued gold that has been patiently hand rubbed. Perhaps a brass or copper finish and of course bronze is always classic. There is nothing quite as beautiful as that hand craftsmanship.

What type of custom mirror you'll want will depend a great deal on the room and what you want to accomplish. The size of the mirror plays an important role on the overall impact it will have in the room. Even a mirror that's designed for a focal point can be too overwhelming if the size isn't carefully calculated for the size of the room.

With so many material types available to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. For a complementary piece choose materials that are harmonize. So for example if your room has rich warm tones then stay with those tones. But if you want to make a statement than choose opposites to create a noticeable focal point.

If you are having a problem trying to decide what your custom mirror should look like you can decide to choose from one of the many existing mirrors on the market. After all with so many choices there may not be any need for a custom mirror. You might find the perfect choice is only a mouse click away.

Another option to consider is creating your own custom mirror. Perhaps you've already got a mirror that's the right size but you're tired of the way it looks why not give it a facelift? Add a custom frame, hand paint the mirror edge, let your imagination run wild. So many choices.

Whether you decide to order a custom mirror, purchase from the thousands of existing ones, or create your own, consider your entire room décor and what it is you want your mirror to accomplish in the room and you'll make the perfect choice. Custom mirrors don't have to cost a fortune.

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